Hi –REL passives for Space and Military

Mini - Systems, Inc.

Impel Semicon is the sole authorized representative of Mini Systems Inc. for India region. MSI is a world leader in precision thin and thick film resistors in world addressing Hi-Rel markets and addressing applications like space craft, Aerospace, Military and medical. MSI provides world’s smallest resistors, resistor arrays , terminations and attenuators for Microwave and non Microwave applications meeting MIL-PRF-55342 standards For more details please visit MSI packaging division: MSI provides electronics industry with the highest quality hybrid microelectronic assembly; offering technical sales and service for all your design needs. Manufacturing capabilities for hybrid assembly, thick film technology, surface mount technology, chip and wire assemblies and electronic packaging. Services include custom layout and design, auto and manual gold wire bonding, specialized substrate metallization, Hermetic sealing, solder reflow, and custom packaging and sub-assemblies. Compliance to MIL-I-45208A, High-Rel and Quality Standards. For more details please visit

Hi-Rel Passives

Hi-Rel Capacitors :

Impel Semicon offers you a wide range of Hi-Rel Low ESR solid Tantalum, Wet Tantalum , Stacked SMPS, EMI Filters, Multilayer and single layer ceramic capacitors from AVX corporation. For any further information on AVX Hi Rel Capacitor portfolio please visit OR contact us.

Hi-Rel Resistors :

Impel Semicon offers you a wide range of Hi-Rel SMD and leaded Hermetically sealed resistors for most demanding applications. We offer all the Hi-Rel resistor products from Vishay who is One of the largest Resistor manufacturer in world. For further information on Vishay Hi Rel Resistor portfolio please visit OR contact us

Hi-Rel Fuses :

Impel Semicon offers you a wide range of Hi-Rel Fuses from Littelfuse. Please visit Or Contact us for any of your requirements.

Microelectronics materials :

Alumina substrates and sputtering Targets:
We offer thin film coated/sputtered alumina substrates for the semiconductor, microwave applications for space and military markets High purity sputtering targets for precious and non precious metals sourced from reputed manufacturers of USA.

Microelectronics materials
We offer materials for the production and processing of integrated circuits in the electronics industry like, photo resist materials, thick film pastes, Gold and platinum pastes and compatible dielectrics sourced from reputed manufacturers like Du-Pont, Heraeus, Micro chemicals Etc. for more details please contact us.

Microelectronics materials :

Vishay Precision Group , Pioneers in developing, manufacturing and marketing new types of Foil Resistor products (VFR) , including military –established- reliability components (EEE-INST-002, DCCS , CECC, ESA , ER QPL etc.). the VFR portfolio comprises discrete resistors, resistor networks in SMD and Leaded configurations, precision trimming potentiometers and discrete chips from use in hybrid circuit. The VFR products are available with Extremely low TCR , very low PCR , extremely high Thermal stabilization , very tight resistance tolerances, Very long load life stability , extremely low noise, extremely low thermal EMF and very high ESD withstanding capacity.

Hi-Rel Systems and sub-systems

Impel Semicon offer Marine Equipment like Tranceiving equipment for Ground-Based Comsat Stations, Individual Radar Rescue Responder (RRR),Search And Rescue Radar Transponder (SART), Night vision equipment, Radar seeker, Fiber Optic based Gyros and other navigational equipment from Russian Electronic industry.